Free 360 Survey Feedback for PCA Church Leaders!

The Centre for Pastoral Leadership, with Pulse Insights, has created two 360 surveys for the Christ College Internship: one for Interns and another for Church Leaders serving as Coaches. Christ College and Pulse Insights would like to make the Church Leader 360 Survey available to all Church Leaders serving as staff in PCA congregations, under the oversight of their Session. The cost of this survey is fully subsidised by Christ College and Pulse Insights (Church Offices) and is offered to Church Leaders at no financial cost to them or their congregation.

360 feedback has been used to foster leadership development across most industries and most organisational types (corporate, government, not-for-profit and military) since the 1990s. It involves a process for collecting, quantifying, and reporting ratings of an individual’s behaviour and effectiveness from multiple sources. This feedback enables individuals to understand better their impact on others around them, especially those immediately above them (superiors), beside them (team members and peers), and beneath them (those they serve directly and/or indirectly).

This 360 feedback for Church Leaders is designed to promote the personal and professional development of the Church Leader. This process requires the involvement of nominated members of the Church Leader’s Session, ministry team members and/or peers, and wider congregation (including Interns, if present).

For more information about this survey, please download the attached files. To complete a 360 survey, please email

360 Survey Files

Church Leader 360 Feedback Explanatory Statement 190924
360 Degree Report Sample 2019