Apologetics for Post-Christian Australia

Much of Australian society is post-Christian. That means that the gospel is no longer plausible to many people; and the objections to the gospel and the obstacles to faith are different to those in previous generations. This doesn’t mean that its time to back off from the gospel; it does mean that we need to stop and think about how we engage our culture well. This unit will look at a biblical and theological basis for re-thinking apologetics. It will examine current developments in Australian culture and how we can understand those theologically.

Understanding the culture helps to guide effective communication strategies. Apologetics is not, primarily, arguing about proofs and evidences; it is more about understanding why people are unlikely to even consider Christ and to seek ways to get behind their objections and help them see the compelling wonder of Christ. The unit examines several strategies for good gospel communication and encourages students to integrate them into their ministries.

During the unit students will hear from various practitioners who are seeking to communicate the gospel in post-Christian Australia. The major assessment involves the student developing an apologetic project which addresses an issue or a sector of Australian community.


Semester 2, 2018 Intensive: July 16-20, 2018

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Guest Speakers

Dr Michael Jensen

Michael Jensen is the rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point. He taught theology at Moore College and has a PhD in theology from Oxford University. His books include My God, My God – Is it Possible to Believe Anymore? (2012); True Feelings: Perspectives on emotions in Christian life and ministry (2012); and Is Forgiveness Really Free? (2013). He often speaks on and writes for the media and is a regular guest on The Drum on ABC.

Sheryl Sarkoezy

Sheryl Sarkoezy has been the Researcher for the PCNSW Gospel, Society and Culture Committee since 2013. She provides essential support for Committee members, helping them understand and interpret cultural trends and find accurate information about the topics they are working on. She also contributes to writing Resource Papers and other documents. She has an M.Div from Christ College, and also works for APWM as the Director’s Assistant. She is married to Steve and is a member of Redemption Hill Church, Green Square.

Roy Williams

Roy Williams was a lawyer in Sydney for twenty years, before he became a full-time writer. In his book God, Actually (2008) he tells the story of how he moved from skepticism to Christian faith. He has written several books about Australian history and the place of Christianity in Australian culture. In God They Trust? (2013), Post-God Nation? (2015) and Mr Eternity: The story of Arthur Stace (2017). Roy worships at St Thomas’ Anglican Church, North Sydney. He will help us understand how and why Australia is now “Post-God”.

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