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Are you thinking of studying at Christ College and want to fill in an application form? Click the video below to our new simplified process. Existing students who want to enrol in particular units should head to our Enrol page. If you have any questions about applications, please contact Daniel Wood (Academic Registrar) at or call us on (02) 9744 1977.

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Five Simple Steps for New Students

Step One: Complete an initial application
You can find this on the Apply page of our website. This will let us know that you’re interested in studying a course or program with us. This initial application only takes one to two minutes.

Step Two: Complete a full application
You’ll receive a link to the full application form via the e-mail you provided in your initial application. The full application form itself should only take five to ten minutes to complete. There are some details though which may take some time to obtain. Some of these details include:

  • Any of your previous academic qualifications
  • A Working With Children’s Check number and expiry date
  • A reference from your church leadership
  • We may also ask you to do an Academic Entrance Test. This is for us to ensure that you’re suited to study at the level required by our courses. The Test is only about an hour long, with questions requiring no prior preparation. Once you’ve completed that full application and sent through the relevant documents, we can start the conversation with our Staff.


    Step Three: Attend an interview with our Principal
    This is necessary only for those intending to enrol into a course. Think of this as an informal meeting where you can discuss your plans for the future, and work through any questions about Christ College. This usually takes an hour. We’ll contact you to organise a date and time that suits you. If your interview is successful, then you’ll be accepted into your course.

    Step Four: Sign the Contract of Acceptance
    This will appear as an attachment via an “Acceptance of Application” e-mail. Make sure you read both the e-mail and contract carefully. Once we have a signed copy, with all the relevant details in the full application, we can then enrol you in particular units for the upcoming semester.

    Step Five: Enrol into your Unit(s)
    You can find this on our Enrol page. This should take three to five minutes. You can organise an appointment with the Academic Registrar to discuss a rough course plan for your study. You need to enrol in your Units at least a week before classes start, so that we can set up your online NOVA account. On NOVA, you’ll be able to access your Unit Outlines, lecture notes and assessment portals.

    Key Dates for 2019 Applications

    Semester 2 – July Intensives
    First Week of July Intensive Semester Classes: 8-12 July
    Optimal Enrolment Date: 1 July
    Census date: 31 August
    Withdrawal date: 13 September

    Semester 2 – Regular Semester Classes
    First Week of Regular Semester Classes: 23 July – 28 September
    Optimal Enrolment Date: 15 July
    Census date: 31 August
    Withdrawal date: 13 September

    Semester 2 – September Intensives*
    Week of September Intensive Semester Classes: 30 September – 4 October
    Optimal Enrolment Date: 2019-09-01 (Please Note: the September Online unit is available from 22 July)
    Census date: 1 October
    Withdrawal date: 14 October

    Key Dates for 2020 Applications

    Semester 1
    Optimal Application Date: 17th January, 2020
    Optimal Enrolment Date: 31st January, 2020
    Census date for Weekly classes: 31st of March, 2020

    *Please note that there are limited spots available for the Christ-Centred Preaching Intensive.

    Online Enrolment Form

    Have you already been accepted as a student, but want to make changes to your enrolment in particular units? Click here to access our online Enrolment Alteration form.