About Elliot

Elliot is an Adjunct Lecturer in church history. He is also privileged to serve as a pastor at GracePoint Presbyterian Church (Lidcombe Campus) where he gets to see the Gospel lived out among God’s redeemed people.

Elliot is currently undertaking a PhD in Patristics with a focus on Augustine’s theology of joy in his Enarrationes in Psalmos. He loves to chat about church history, Gospel ministry, and the training of future Gospel workers who will be equipped to reach the nations and generations.

Elliot is married to Sherilyn and they love showing and speaking about the joys of following Jesus.


2013 Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor Education (UNSW)
2017 Master of Divinity (Australian College of Theology)
2018 Graduate Diploma of Divinity (Australian College of Theology)
2019 Graduate Certificate of Divinity (Australian College of Theology)
PhD (cand.) (Australian College of Theology)
2021 Master of Theological Studies (Australian College of Theology)


“Lifting Eyes and Awakening Hearts: Augustine and the Essential Work of Preaching to Stir and Stimulate Joy.” Gospel Leadership, March. (2021)
“Reach, Reflect, and Rest: An Invitation by St Augustine from Psalm 4.” Stimulus: The New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice (2020)
“God’s Eternal Decree” in Read in the Light – the 1901 Declaratory Statement of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Edited by Paul F. Cooper and David A. Burke (Eider Press, September 2019)
“1517: The Nail (and Paper) that Changed the World.” Australian Presbyterian (Autumn 2017)

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