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Units for Semester 2, 2020

Thinking about joining one of our classes next Semester? The list below shows you a selection of what’s on offer for new students. The full list of units is available on our Calendars & Timetables page.

On-Campus Intensive Class: Frameworks for Christian Leadership

Monday 6 – Friday 10 July
Lecturers: Jonathan Pratt
This unit contributes to the professional and vocational development of graduate students who are emerging church leaders by engaging with the biblical, theological and theoretical frameworks for the practice of Christian leadership, especially in the local church. This unit will achieve this purpose by closely examining various metaphors of leadership to create frameworks by which students can assess patterns and styles of leadership, including their own. This unit also requires students to investigate and analyse in detail a positive change in an organisational context.

Online Zoom Intensive Class: Faith & Suffering: Theological & Pastoral Explorations

Monday 3 – Friday 7 August
Lecturers: David Burke & Kelly Kapic.

This unit aims to explore how Christians have wrestled, and can wrestle, with questions of suffering, especially physical suffering. Students will consider different Christian responses to this perennial problem in a fallen world. Throughout the unit attention is also given to various practices that Christians have found to be meaningful when trying to live in the midst of physical suffering.

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Online Zoom Class: Ministry Training for Women D

Five Mondays, 10:30am-1:00pm
Lecturer: Carmelina Read

Ministry Training For Women (MTW) is part of Guided Spiritual Formation (GSF) is designed to integrate the various disciplines of the student’s course that contribute to their spiritual formation. By “supervised learning” is meant assisting candidates to reflect upon their experience in the light of their studies. It does not mean merely supervising work done. Thus, placing a candidate in a local church is not sufficient of itself: it must be accompanied by reflection and feed-back in such a way that the candidate learns from his/her experience. The focus of GSF is to be reflection, self-evaluation and growth planning in relation to personal spiritual growth through college activities or ministry experience. The programme includes elements such as:

  • 1. Intentional participation in local Christian community
  • 2. Written reflection on a student’s unfolding spiritual journey
  • 3. Regular contact with an individual mentor and
  • 4. Participation in a group reflective process
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    Online Zoom Class: Old Testament Prophets & Writings

    Tuesdays, 8:45am – 12:00pm
    Lecturer: Greg Goswell

    The goal of this unit is to enable students to gain a deeper understanding of the Old Testament Prophets and Writings and how God speaks to us through these books as part of his unfolding revelation that reaches its climax in Christ. In this unit we will survey the second half of the OT, that is, the books from Chronicles to Malachi, though we will not have time to look at every single book.

    On-Campus Evening Class: Romans (English)

    Tuesdays, 6:00-9:00pm
    Lecturer: Murray Smith
    The unit enables candidates to gain an understanding of the purpose, literary shape, rhetorical form and argument of Paul’s letter to the Romans, and to study the theology of the apostle Paul as it is reflected in the letter, via a close reading of Romans 1-11.

    On-Campus Afternoon Class: Preaching I

    Tuesdays, 2:00-5:00pm
    Lecturer: Eugene Hor
    The purpose of this unit is to help prepare students for a preaching ministry by identifying the nature, purposes and process of preaching preparation and to practice develop preaching skills by preaching and receiving feedback in supportive environments.

    Online Zoom Class: Ezra-Nehemiah (English/Hebrew)

    Thursdays, 8:45am – 12:00pm (English), 9:45am-1:00pm (Hebrew)
    Lecturer: Greg Goswell

    This later Old Testament book has much to offer the church, for Ezra-Nehemiah tells the story of those who rebuilt the temple and the wall around Jerusalem, and in doing so, expresses an important (and attractive) theology, for it commends the actions of the (mostly) ordinary people who together worked tirelessly to achieve the fortification of Jerusalem.

    On-Campus Evening Class: Cross-Cultural Communication

    Thursdays, 6:00-9:00pm
    Lecturer: Kamal Weerakoon
    This unit will give you the cross-cultural knowledge and skills required for effective Christian ministry under conditions of contemporary globalisation, where both the church and the world are increasingly characterised by multicultural plurality.