Traineeship Information Seminar

Traineeship Information Seminar

Traineeship Information Seminar

Christ College would like to invite you and your leaders to an information seminar about our new Traineeship. 

The Traineeship is a two-year program that develops future ministry leaders. It involves holistic training and ministry both under a coach in your local church, and in classes at Christ College.

Trainees outside of Sydney can participate through distance education and intensive classes. Financial support may be provided to Trainees by churches and partners through the tax-deductible Christ College Scholarship Fund. 

Further summary details, including the unique value of the Traineeship, can be found in the flyer available here. Please feel free to distribute this flyer within your networks.

The information seminar will be delivered by Elliot Ku (Gracepoint Chinese Presbyterian Church) and Jonathan Pratt (Christ College) and address the following issues:

  • Why pastors should prioritise training young leaders
  • How pastors can cultivate and identify young leaders
  • What young leaders need most to develop
  • The most important elements for training adults
  • How the Traineeship can help busy pastors train young leaders

To register for the Information Seminar, click the booking link above. If you cannot attend, and would be interested in an online Information Seminar, please get in contact with us here.