Full Application for a New Course

1 Personal details
2 study details
3 language & citizenship
4 employment details
5 Additional details
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Step 1: Personal Details
Given Names
Preferred Name
Home Street Address
Name of Spouse
Names of Dependent Children
Birth Dates of Dependent Children
Church You Currently Attend
Step 2: Study Details
Previous Theological StudyHave you undertaken theological study at another college?
CollegePlease enter the college where you have previously studied
Credit for StudyDo you wish to apply for credit for this study?
Step 3: Language and Citizenship
Aboriginal or Torres Straight IslanderAre you of Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander origin?
Were you born in Australia?
Country of Birth
Year of Arrival
Overseas Student Logic(this is a hidden field which triggers the hidden/visible logic as the field being populated doesn't trigger)
Passport NumberPlease enter your passport number
Passport ExpiryPlease enter the expiry date of your passport
Visa NumberPlease enter your Visa number (if available)
Health InsuranceDo you have private health insurance?
Step 4: Employment and Finances
Hours in EmploymentPlease enter how many hours you are currently employed
IncomePlease provide deatils of how you plan to fund your study
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FEE-HelpDo you intend to fund your study with FEE-Help?
Step 5: Additional Details
Please note that a Working With Children Check is required by all of our Full-Time students, students doing FES, and students attending mission.

For more information on applying, please go to https://www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/child-safe-organisations/working-with-children-check.
WWCCHave you completed a Working with Children Check?
WWCC NumberPlease enter your WWCC number
WWCC ExpiryPlease enter the expiry date of your WWCC
DisabilityDo you consider yourself to have a permanent and significant disability?
Disability DetailsPlease provide details of your disability
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Supporting DocumentationWould you like to upload some of your supporting documentation now?
TranscriptsPlease upload any transcript files that are relevant to your application
Upload Transcripts
ReferencesPlease upload any references that are relevant to your application
Upload References
English Proficiency ResultsPlease upload relevant evidence of your English proficiency
Upload Evidence of English Proficiency
VISA/Passport/Medical RecordsPlease upload copies of your Visa, Passport, and Medical Records
Upload Overseas Student Records

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