Update (24/03/2020): Due to new regulations surrounding COVID-19, we are suspending all bookings for the foreseeable future. Contact our Administrator at admin@christcollege.edu.au or (02) 9744 1977 if you have any questions.

General Information

With the opening of Christ College’s new building in 2013 came a great opportunity to open its doors for public use. Its size, location and up-to-date facilities mean that it is an ideal space for ministry events.

Christ College offers its facilities for hire to groups who are in agreement with, and promoters of, our vision and mission (see below):

Our vision is to see growth in Christ-centred leadership for God’s church to God’s world.

Our mission is to glorify God by preparing leaders for God’s church and its gospel-centred mission in the world, enabling God’s people to live for Christ in all of life. To this end, Christ College:

  1. Forms and equips effective pastoral leaders for God’s church who lead in God’s mission, preach God’s Word, and care for God’s people so they grow to maturity in Christ;
  2. Forms faithful Christian leaders for God’s world who bear witness to Christ as they engage with and serve the world, wherever God has called them;
  3. Provides thought leadership for the church, the theological academy, and the public square to advance God’s mission.