About Kamal

Kamal is the missions director at Gracepoint Presbyterian Church, and is also completing a PhD in multicultural ministry and ministry in today’s globalised world. In the past he has been involved in reinforcing well-established ministry in a large, multi-staff church; revitalising a small, struggling church in a lower socio-economic area; contributing to the outreach ministry of an inner-city church seeking to reach socially progressive hipsters; ministry to churches of Arabic, Mediterranean, and Subcontinental background; and campus ministry with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES).


1999 Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws (UNSW)
2007 Bachelor of Divinity (Moore Theological College)
2009 Advanced Diploma in Theology (Presbyterian Theological Centre – now Christ College)
2013 Master of Arts in Theology (Moore Theological College)


Book chapters
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