Ministry Training for Women (MTW) Application

Quick Tip

This form is for those NOT seeking credit towards an Australian College of Theology award. For those seeking such credit, please click here to complete a full Christ College Application or click here to Enrol.

This application form is only for those who wish to start the Ministry Training for Women program. If you have already applied, please complete an MTW Enrolment form.

This unit is only available to women.

1 Personal details
2 study Details
3 additional details
4 enrolment
Step 1: Personal Details
Given Names
Preferred Name
Home Street Address
Date of Birth
Name of Spouse
Names of Dependent Children
Birth Dates of Dependent Children
Church you Currently Attend
Step 2: Study Details
Purpose of StudyOutline the purpose for which you intend to take this course. Indicate any form of Christian service you may have in mind on completion of the course.
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HSC YearPlease enter the year you completed your HSC
TER/UAI/ATARPlease enter your TER/UAI/ATAR (leave blank if unknown)
Previous Tertiary QualificationsPlease list your previous completed qualifications in the format "Award, College (year)", eg. BTh, Christ College (2016)
Student of the ACTAre you or have you been a student of the ACT?
ACT NumberPlease enter your ACT Number
Step 3: Additional Details
Is English Your First Language?
Primary LanguagePlease enter your primary language spoken at home
Language Proficiency DetailsPlease supply the details of your English language proficiency
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DisabilityDo you consider yourself to have a permanent and significant disability?
Disability DetailsPlease provide details of your disability
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Step 4: Enrolment
EnrolmentPlease select your type of enrolment for MTW


Payment for MTW may be made by Cash/Direct Deposit/Credit Card/Cheque.

Direct deposit details are: Westpac, BSB: 032 062, Account: 756440. Please mark your name clearly and add MTW.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please contact the front office on (02) 9744 1977.