Christ College is at National Training Event 2019!

We’re getting ready for NTE 2019! This page will have photos and other media uploaded here, so please check back from time to time!

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More information to be released closer to the conference date.

We can provide information about our:

  • Vision, Mission & Commitments
  • Courses (Full-Time, Part-Time)
  • Flagship & Partner Programs
  • Community Life
  • + More
  • Videos & Photos from Last Year’s National Training Event

    Christians & Postgraduate Research/Academia with Jenni Greig

    Photos from NTE 2018

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    Testimonials from University Students Studying at Christ College

    “I was looking to be better equipped for my local church ministry. I had seen some of the lecturers teach and preach at our church during a time where we needed a hand, and was amazed by their theological conviction, pastoral heart, and appreciation of the Gospel for all of life. The teaching has been refreshingly biblical. Our study has been so deeply rooted in taking the bible seriously. I really appreciate the integration of the Westminster Confessions of Faith throughout our study – seeing how the history of the church past is in continuity with the church present. It’s been refreshing to be able to take the time to invest in theological study at a season of life where I have fewer responsibilities than I might have in, say, 5 or 10 years from now. It has been one of those difficult-yet-rewarding decisions that I haven’t regretted in the slightest.” – Shaddy Hanna, University of New South Wales

    What drew me to study at Christ College was the mission statement: “Christ for all of life”. Studying theology isn’t just to equip people with knowledge for vocational ministry, but every aspect of life. This holistic approach to learning theology is so evident by how we are challenged intellectually, but also practically. It has also been incredibly helpful in equipping me further for campus ministry at my university and evangelism. There have been challenges studying theology alongside my university degree, but this has been one of the most enriching opportunities in growing my knowledge of and love for God! – Jessie Zhang, University of Sydney

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