Refocus is a new conference about pastoral leadership. We aim to serve pastoral leaders (ministers and elders) and their wives, and those training for pastoral leadership (students and apprentices), especially in Presbyterian and Reformed churches. Each year we focus on one of the four sections of our comprehensive theological vision for the Presbyterian Church of Australia in NSW:

  • Churches centred on the gospel of Christ;
  • Churches made up of Christians trusting in Christ and living for God’s glory;
  • Churches led by teams of Shepherds and Servants; and
  • Churches working together in gospel-centred mission

It is our hope that Refocus will leave you:

  • Inspired by our distinctive theological vision for our churches.
  • Encouraged by real stories of effective leadership and positive change from our churches.
  • Refreshed by a new space for engaging conversation, deepening friendships and professional development with other pastoral leaders.


8.30 Registration and Refreshments
9.00 Worship in Song
9.10 Welcome & Introduction to Refocus (Duncan Anderson)
9.15 Moderator’s Address (David Burke)
9.20 Introduction to the Women’s Ministry Facilitator (Anna Moss)
9.30 Keynote Presentation on Healthy Christians (John McClean) The Christian’s Toil Against Sin: Fighting Temptation While Secure in Christ (Kelly Kapic)
10.30 Morning Tea

Case Studies:
Orange Presbyterian Church (Robert McKean)
Redemption Hill Presbyterian Church (Jeremy Tan)
Hornsby Presbyterian Church (James McFarlane)

12.35 Lunch
1.35 Following Christ in all of Life:
Tim Macready (Chief Investment Officer, Christian Super)
Fiona Wright (School Teacher, Penrith Anglican College)
Ian Denness (Former Missionary in Pakistan, Skin Cancer Doctor)
2.25 Innovation Lab:
Consulting in Church Worship (Angus Gibb, Tumut Presbyterian Church)
Women’s Ministry (Carmelina Read, Chatswood Presbyterian Church)
Enabling Others to Follow Jesus in all of Life (Danny Ford, Petersham Presbyterian Church)
3.10 Afternoon Tea
3.40 Case Study:
Habourside Presbyterian Church (Jamie Newans)
4.25 Panel Discussion and Q&A
4.50 Worship in Song and Prayer
5.00 Close

Conference Downloads & Resources

 Theological Vision (PDF)

 The Case for Change Updated: 10 Urgent Challenges the PCNSW Must Confront Now (PDF) – Download

 Refocus Conference Talk Archives (2016, 2017, 2018)


Registration is now closed for this event. If you have any questions about the conference, please e-mail us directly at admin@christcollege.edu.au.

Keynote Speakers

Kelly M. Kapic

Kelly M. Kapic is professor of theological studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

He is the author or editor of over ten books, including Overcoming Sin & Temptation: Three Classic Works (2006), God So Loved He Gave (Zondervan, 2010), A Little Book for New Theologians (IVP Academic, 2012), and Pocket Dictionary of the Reformed Tradition (IVP Academic, 2013). Kapic will also be writing a volume for Theology of the Christian Life in the series, New Studies in Dogmatics (Zondervan).

John McClean

John McClean is Vice Principal of Christ College, and teaches in the areas of Christian Thought focussing on Systematic Theology and Ethics.

He is the convenor of the Gospel, Society and Culture Committee of the Presbyterian Church of NSW and he writes a regular ethics column in the Pulse, the PCNSW magazine. He is married to Elizabeth, and they have two adult children.

Guest Speakers & Presenters

  David Burke
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (Concord)
David will be talking about risk aversion, exhorting us to word ministry that shapes Christlikeness
  Anna Moss
PCNSW Women’s Ministry Facilitator
Anna is starting a new and strategic ministry to our wider denomination, having been involved in women’s ministry at Drummoyne for many years. We’ll have a chance to get to know Anna a little better, along with what her new role will involve for her and us.
John McClean
Christ College
John will be giving the first part of the keynote presentation focused on cultivating healthy Christians from our Theological Vision. Ordinary Christians make up the majority of our churches, their ordinary lives are the frontline of ministry in our post-Christian culture, and it’s our job to equip them to follow Jesus in all of life, not just at church.
  Kelly Kapic
Covenant College
Kelly will be giving the second part of the keynote presentation addressing the issue of fighting temptation while secure in Christ. Kelly will introduce us to the very practical concepts of mortification and vivification through the writings of John Owen, to help us live more effectively for Christ each day.
  Robert McKean
Orange Presbyterian Church
Robert will look at recent growth at Orange Presbyterian Church and their attempts to consolidate that growth through a focus on discipleship.
  Jeremy Tan
Redemption Hill Presbyterian Church
Jeremy will share key learnings from the first year of planting a new church in the fastest growing area in Sydney. In particular, he will reflect on empowering Christians to live for Jesus in the every day moments of daily life, and how small groups can be key structures that enable mission, discipleship, and pastoral care.
  James McFarlane
Hornsby Presbyterian Church
James will share how love is the key focus in cultivating healthy Christians as they relate to God, each other, Hornsby and the world.
  Tim Macready
Cherrybrook Presbyterian Church
Tim will be joining us on our panel discussion about following Christ in all of life
  Fiona Wright
Winmalee Presbyterian Church
Fiona will be joining us on our panel discussion about following Christ in all of life.
  Ian Denness
Cornerstone Presbyterian Church (Strathfield)
Ian will be joining us on our panel discussion about following Christ in all of life.
  Angus Gibb
Tumit Presbyterian Church
Angus will share his desire to captivating our churches with a passion to sing with all their strength, to the glory of God.
  Carmelina Read
Chatswood Presbyterian Church
Carmelina will tell us how a significant women’s ministry at Chatswood Presbyterian Church was built up over several years.
  Danny Ford
Petersham Presbyterian Church
Danny has a passion for enabling others in his church to live for Christ in all of life. This isn’t always easy when your church is full of musicians and shift workers who work strange hours, including weekends.
  Jamie Newans
Habourside Presbyterian Church
Jamie will be sharing the story of Harbourside and how they have sought to cultivate healthy Christians in their context over past years.
  Duncan Anderson
Manly Presbyterian Church
Duncan is the new minister at Manly and will be our MC for the day.
  Samantha Ho
Christ College
Samantha will be hosting our new ‘Following Christ in all of Life’ segment.

Where is Christ College?

1 Clarence St Burwood NSW

Parking and transport: Limited 2 hour ticketed parking is available in the surrounding streets. Free unlimited parking can be found a few blocks from the college. Please do not park at 3 Clarence Street or Burwood RSL Club as Club parking is for Club patrons only. Burwood Train Station is about a 7 minute walk from the college.