Updates to Candidacy Process for 2020

Please read the following details carefully as they have changed recently. These details are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to minor changes. If you have questions regarding the information provided below, please contact us on (02) 9744 1977 or at contact@christcollege.edu.au. Last updated 27/10/2020.

Interested in becoming an ordained minister, or a deaconess, of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (NSW)? Here’s a brief summary of what you need to know.

There are two parallel paths to complete:

A. The Application Process through your local Presbyterian church Session and Presbytery
B. Theological study through Christ College

A. Applying through your Local Presbyterian Church

Step 1: Initial Application

Quick Tip

Before applying to become a candidate, you will need to be a communicant member of your church for at least 6 months.

To begin the process of becoming a candidate, you will need to fill out an application form and submit it to the Session (the elders) of your church. You can download that form here.

For help on completing the form, please read through the Candidate Guidelines carefully (attachment located in the Appendix at the bottom of this page). The minister of your church may also be able to help you with this stage of the process.

The form used by session for your evaluation can be downloaded here.

Step 2: Presbytery and the Candidates’ Review Panel

Once Session has approved your application, it will be sent to the Presbytery, who will receive the application and may meet with you.

If the Presbytery decides to proceed with your application, it will be passed on to the Candidates’ Review Panel (CRP). The Candidates’ Review Panel will contact you to explain the process and organise an interview date. The Candidates’ Review Panel meets four times a year.

Prior to your interview with the Candidates’ Review Panel, you will be required to complete a psychological assessment, which is paid for by Christ College. During the Candidates’ Review Panel interview, you will be able to view this assessment.

Following the interview, the Candidates’ Review Panel will send a report back to your Presbytery who will interview you. Presbytery will then make a decision regarding your application to become a candidate. If approved, you will be officially recognised as a candidate of the Presbyterian Church of Australian in NSW.

Step 3: Yearly Assessment of Candidature

Each year your candidature is re-assessed by your Presbytery, and is either sustained (continued), or is discontinued.

Step 4: Licensing and Ordination

Once you complete your theological study (see below), you will receive an Exit Certificate, which is presented at our annual Graduation Ceremony.

Upon receipt of your Exit Certificate, your Presbytery will conduct your Trials for License – you will be asked to lead a service, preach a sermon and undergo an interview. Successful completion of your Trials for License enables you to be licensed in the Presbyterian Church of Australia making you eligible for a call to a congregation at which point you will be ordained.

More information on the details of this process can be found in The Code of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (NSW), available here, in parts I & II, section 7, “Candidates for the Ministry”.

B. Theological Study through Christ College

Course of Training (for Candidates for the Ministry)

Alongside your application through your church, you will need to complete theological study at Christ College in order to receive your Exit Certificate. For male Candidates of the Ministry, this is referred to as the “Course of Training”. The Course of Training normally involves four-years full-time study at Christ College, and three years of the Christ College Internship (read more in the Internship section below). This Course of Training is a comprehensive program designed to equip you for pastoral leadership.

A complete Course of Training involves studying Australian College of Theology (ACT) awards such as a Master of Divinity/Graduate Diploma of Ministry combined course for those who have previously completed an undergraduate degree, and a Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Ministry combined degree for those who have no previous tertiary qualifications. Subjects must be taken for credit towards this course, as audited subjects will not be counted towards the Course of Training. To see what the course of study looks like on this pathway, see our Course of Training Grid in the Appendix section at the bottom of the page. To apply for a course at Christ College, please start at our application page.


Alongside theological training at Christ College, Candidates are asked to undertake an Internship program (Intership) through an approved Partner Church. This puts you alongside a trained Coach who will give you training, support, and feedback on your progress in our six Graduate Attributes. Candidates are required to complete the equivalent of three years of the Internship in their Course of Training. See our Internship page for more details.

Previous Training at other Theological Colleges

We believe that Christ College’s Course of Training effectively integrates classroom and field experience to equip pastoral leaders for God’s church over the four years. It is strongly recommended that prospective Candidates complete all their units and field experience with us, as previous study completed at other theological colleges requires additional study to complete the remaining Course of Training units and Internship years. It is possible that much of a Candidate’s existing study can be used as credit towards the Course of Training, however this is not guaranteed. Students currently studying at other theological colleges should contact Christ College as soon as possible before continuing study at their institution.

The list of cross credits can only be approved once you become a Candidate. Please be aware that the list of required units may vary slightly from year to year. We can complete a preliminary list prior to you becoming a Candidate, but this can only be finalised once your application for candidature is successful. Once finalised, any changes will be assessed to ensure that there is no disadvantage to existing Candidates. You can apply for cross-credits completing the Cross Credits Form in the Appendix section at the bottom of this page. Please note that only one year of recognised prior learning (RPL) can be given towards the internship program.

For Deaconess Candidates

For Deaconess Candidates, the requirements are different from Candidates of the Ministry. Contact us for more information.

Involvement in the College Community

At Christ College, we expect our candidates to be committed to our College community. This includes attendance at Chapel on Wednesdays and participation in yearly college missions. In addition to this, we expect our candidates to fulfil other obligations such as completing library duty and working bee days, and attending our Graduation Ceremony each year. Read more about this on our Community page.


Financial assistance for candidates varies from year to year. Please contact our Bursar for more information on what is currently available.

Eligible students can pay for tuition fees through FEE-HELP.

Austudy may also be available for eligible students. For Austudy eligibility, please see the relevant sections of the Austudy website.



Candidate Guidelines (Updated June 2018)
The Code of the Presbyterian Church (NSW) – Parts I & II (see Chapter 7 on Candidates)

Candidate Documents

Candidate Application Form (Updated May 2020)
Session and Presbytery Evaluation Forms
2021 Course of Training (Student Version) (Updated 4 December 2020)
2021 Course of Training (with Cross Credits) (Updated 4 December 2020)
CoT Transition for ACT Units 2019-2020 (PDF) (Updated May 2020)
CoT Transition for ACT Units 2019-2020 (Excel) (Updated May 2020)

Deaconess Documents

Deaconess Application Form


Do you have questions about becoming a Presbyterian Candidate? Please contact us on (02) 9744 1977 or at contact@christcollege.edu.au.