Who do I go to at Christ College for student welfare issues?

All the staff at Christ College (academic and administration) are actively concerned for the welfare of students and their families. Care and assistance are provided through a range of means.

The Principal (Ian Smith) is available for consultation and counsel. An appointment can be made to speak with him.

If you are not sure of who to speak to about any matters of concern, ask in person or via email the college Administration Officer (Karen Lee), on the college front desk.

Students are encouraged to approach individual lecturers about matters concerning particular units of study. All the teaching staff are interested in your welfare.

The Registrar (Karen Lee) is available to advise students on unit selection, change of enrolment, academic progress and concerning any queries about requirements for ACT awards and the course of training for PCA candidates.

The Overseas Student Liaison Officer is our Registrar (Karen Lee). Overseas students are invited to seek her assistance for support, information, and concerning any issues affecting their studies.

The Dean of Women (Carmelina Read) and Associate Dean of Women (Nicole Mannix) aim to encourage and assist the female students at college.

All college students are invited to join a Pastoral Care Group. These groups meet weekly for 45 minutes on Wednesdays at 1.45 pm, after the college chapel service and community lunch. These common activities are aimed at fostering a caring environment in which people minister to each other.

The physical safety of students and staff is the concern of the OH&S Officer (Caron Balzer).

The Student Representative Council (SRC) organises activities for students and raises money for student initiatives.

For careers advice, see the Academic Dean (Greg Goswell), who can link you to appropriate persons and agencies regarding PCA ordination, missionary work, para-church work, and other church-based ministry.



What support services are available to me as a student?

Helpful services provided for students (including overseas students):

Here is the link to the ACT Student Support Services page on the ACT website: https://www.actheology.edu.au/student-support-services/

The following support services are available to all students studying at Christ College. Note that there is no additional fee for services provided by the college, or for referral to external services. Students should enquire with external service providers about any costs involved.


In an emergency: 

Emergency services: ambulance, police, fire (Phone 000) https://www.triplezero.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx


Personal Counselling:

Personal counselling can help you with a range of issues including mental health and emotional well-being, loss and grief, relationship issues, and life direction.

Counselling services https://jerichoroad.org.au/counselling/

Student mental health https://headspace.org.au/

Further support services for mental health https://mhaustralia.org/need-help


Domestic and Family Violence FAQs info sheet:



Online safety:

Here are some helpful links with info about how to stay safe online:

Online Safety 101


Online Safety – Advice to Women


Guide for Students – Responding to Cyber Abuse


Adapting to the World Online


Guide to Managing Time Online



Academic support, including help with study skills and academic English:

Support is available at Christ College in a range of academic areas including essay writing, proper referencing, study skills and time management, accessing library resources, and academic English. You may also find the following services helpful:

Info re. study in Australia https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/

Learning English https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/english/australian-education/english-courses

Translation services http://multicultural.nsw.gov.au/our_services/interpreting_translation/

Burwood Council http://www.burwood.nsw.gov.au/

Local Burwood Community Programs http://www.burwood.nsw.gov.au/community_programs.html

Burwood Library http://www.burwood.nsw.gov.au/burwood_library/burwoodlibraryhomepage.html


The mentoring program will connect you with staff or senior students that can get alongside you and offer guidance in making the most of your college experience; academically, personally and spiritually. See the college Registrar or Academic Dean.


Careers advice:

Support is available to assist students in their thinking about current and future work.

Careers advice https://www.nci.employment.gov.au/

Education Department https://www.education.gov.au/


Health and welfare services:

Health and welfare services cover a wide range of supports for issues including those related to physical health (i.e. medical), disability, financial, and tenancy.

Medicare https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/dhs/medicare

Royal Prince Alfred (Local Hospital for Burwood) http://www.slhd.nsw.gov.au/rpa/

National Home Doctors service https://homedoctor.com.au/

Burwood Information on Children and Family (including health services and schools) http://www.burwood.nsw.gov.au/children_and_family.html


Student advocacy
The student advocacy service helps students understand policy and procedures and can assist with making appeals, grievances and complaints. See the college Registrar or Academic Dean.


Legal support:

While staff at the college cannot provide legal advice, you may be referred to services in the community can help you with a legal matter, such as traffic incidents, domestic violence matters, family law matters, immigration, and consumer rights.

Legal services http://rlc.org.au/our-services/international-students

Department of Immigration and Border Protection http://www.border.gov.au/

Council of International Students Australia http://www.cisa.edu.au/

Australian Government Information for International Students https://www.studyinaustralia.gov.au/

Service NSW International Student Support https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/guide/support-international-students


Looking for accommodation:

Support with accommodation will provide you with information about ways to find accommodation while you undertake your study.

Accommodation realestate.com.au domain.com.au


Transport needs:

Public Transport https://transportnsw.info/