Christ College Scholarship Fund

Christ College Scholarship Fund

Invest in Christ’s mission to Australia, and the world. 

Christ College is committed to equipping men and women to be faithful and effective ministers of the gospel, who can evangelise to others, train Christians to reach their neighbours and friends, and enrich our churches with sound Bible teaching.

But the reality is, this cost of living crisis is making it challenging for people to pursue rigorous theological education. Study comes at a cost, both in the cost required to take a course (and the debt this may result in), and in the income forgone while a student commits time to deep engagement in God’s Word.

But your gift towards the Christ College Scholarship Fund can help faithful Christians undertake study in our rich community of fellowship, academic rigour and biblical faithfulness.

The Scholarship Fund at Christ College is an investment in the future of the church. By supporting the Scholarship Fund, you are making it possible for future ministers of the gospel to receive the training they need to be effective in their calling.

Thank you for giving generously!

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If you would prefer to donate via direct debit (this helps us save on transaction fees), you can download instructions to set up your pledge here.

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