Christian World View

Making Sense of a Weird World

Do you sometimes feel that the world around looks the same as it always did, but it seems different now in a weird kind of way? Are you trying to make sense of following Jesus in your daily calling as a parent, employed person, student or in your hobbies? Do you feel that you are on a different planet to Australians from different religious traditions or thought patterns?

The World View unit offered in second semester 2017 will look at the nature of world views, survey some of the major world views on offer today and then dig into the nature and implications of a Christian world view in the nitty gritty of daily life. Students choose between a Tuesday night or a Thursday afternoon class.

Unit Details

This unit can be studied for credit towards an ACT award, or audited for your own knowledge and enjoyment.

Prices are as follows:

  Audit BTh/MDiv
Domestic $400 $2,080
Overseas $400 $2,400

For more information about fees and payment options, click here.

For more information about this unit and how it can fit into your study plan, contact our friendly Academic Registrar at or (02) 9744 1977.


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David Burke

David Burke has been exposed to widely different world views in his past employment and as a pastor in rural NSW, suburban Sydney and city-central Singapore, along with ministry activities in Melanesia, east and west Africa, South and South East Asia.

His own studies in philosophy and his teaching of the world view course have given plenty of time to think about the nature of world views and how the Christian faith relates to them.

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