Zooming In On Christ College

Want a closer look at Christ College?

At Christ College, our vision is to see growth in Christ-centred leadership for God’s church to God’s world. From August to October, we invite you to examine what makes us unique as a theological college.  

Our Convictions

During this campaign, we have run three Zoom events to understand more about our convictions.

PAST EVENT: Wed 30th September @ 12:30pm: Biblical theology: is there any other kind? (with Murray Smith)

PAST EVENT: Wed 26th August @ 7pm: What are the big issues in theology? (Q&A session with John McClean)

PAST EVENT: Thurs 10th September @ 7pm: Is God that concerned about my work? (with Ian Smith)

Our Campus

Our building is more than just a building.

Casey & Rebekah Vallance are practising architects at CultivAR. In this video, they reflect on the architectural principles that shape the learning and community experience at Christ College.

Our Classes

A view of what study might look like for you.

We invite you to join in a real-time online lecture from some of our unit offerings this semester. Click on the unit title for more information.

Romans (English) (Tues 15 September, 6-9pm)

[PAST EVENT] Topic: The Law in Romans 8:1-39

Lecturer: Murray Smith

The unit enables candidates to gain an understanding of the purpose, literary shape, rhetorical form and argument of Paul’s letter to the Romans, and to study the theology of the apostle Paul as it is reflected in the letter, via a close reading of Romans 1-11.

Doctrine of God & Work of Christ (Thur 17 September 9:45am-1:00pm)

[PAST EVENT] Topic: Contemporary Christology – Confessing Christ in the 21st Century

Lecturer: John McClean

Theological Ethics (Wed 14 October 8:45am-12:00pm)

Topic: Social Ethics – Christians & Society

Lecturer: John McClean

Cross-Cultural Communications (Thur 29 October 6-9pm)

Topic: Relating & Evangelising Across Cultures

Lecturer: Kamal Weerakoon

This unit gives cross-cultural knowledge and skills required for effective Christian ministry under conditions of contemporary globalisation, where both the church and the world are increasingly characterised by multicultural plurality.

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