Cameron Clausing

Cameron Clausing

Lecturer in Applied Theology & Missional Engagement

Cameron is the Lecturer in Applied Theology and Missional Engagement and the Dean of Students. He is particularly interested in the intersection of theology and ethics, particularly considering the life and mission of the church. His current research deals with Herman Bavinck and 19th century philosophy. He has been on the Christ College faculty since 2021. Prior to this, Cameron was a visiting Assistant Professor at Covenant College, Georgia, a Lecturer at Faith Mission Bible College in Edinburgh, an Assistant Pastor at Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, and a Missionary in Bogota, Colombia.Cameron is married to Taryn and they have two children. 

Cameron, how has your theological education and career shaped you?

“Having studied and ministered in a diverse set of cultures, I feel that I have learned to listen well. These experiences have caused me to always be curious and never assume that I know all the answers.”

  • 2005 Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology (Moody Bible Institute)
  • 2014 Master of Arts in Religion (Reformed Theological Seminary)
  • 2020 Doctor of Philosophy in Systematic Theology (New College Edinburgh – University of Edinburgh)

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Open Night
September 13, 2023
Foundational Ministry Conversations
May 26, 2023 - July 28, 2023
Guidebook for Instruction in the Christian Religion

Guidebook for Instruction in the Christian Religion, trans. and ed. Cameron Clausing and Greg Parker. Peabody: Hendrickson, 2022.

"Dogmatics: A Progressive Science?"

Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies 6/2 (2021): 349-366.

"A Gracious Theological Method"

Paper delivered at Society for the Study of Theology, Coventry 68 (April, 2019).

"Time after Time: Herman Bavinck on History"

Invited Paper at the Theology and Ethics Seminar at New College, University of Edinburgh (November 2018).

"The Future of the Church: Bavinck’s analysis of the Past, the Future, America, and Europe"

Paper delivered at Fifth European Conference on Neo-Calvinism in Leuven, Belgium (August 2018).

The Sacrifice of Praise

The Sacrifice of Praise: Mediations Before and After Admission to the Lord’s Table, trans. Cameron Clausing and Greg Parker. Peabody: Hendrickson, 2019.

"Herman Bavinck’s Trinitarian Antidote to Unbelief and Skepticism"

Paper delivered at Society for the Study of Theology, Nottingham 67 (April, 2018).

A review of Thomas Schreiner’s 'Covenant and God’s Purpose for the World'

Journal of Biblical and Theological Studies 3/2 (March 2018): 353-355.

"Glossary of Terms"

in Thomas Aquinas, by K. Scott Oliphint, 127-132. Phillipsburg: P&R Publishing, 2017.

Down Under Theology

Theological podcast. Co-hosts the show.

Christ College YouTube

Recurring appearances through advertisements, module content, chapel, and graduation streams.

Your Labour is Not in Vain

Eliza Ferrie Lecture 2021, Wednesday 18th August, 2021 (38:17).

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