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Praise God for his work at Christ College

It’s been an exciting time at Christ College. Over the last year, we have spent significant time reviewing the mission and vision of the College, and working hard to ensure everything we do is aligned with these.

Our mission is to glorify God by preparing leaders for God’s church and its gospel-centred mission in the world, enabling God’s people to live for Christ in all of life. God willing, as we strive to live out this mission, God will enable us to realise our vision of seeing growth in Christ-centred leadership for God’s church to God’s world.”

The training of candidates for the ministry is a critical part of this mission and vision. At Christ College, we understand the importance of training fit-for-purpose graduates and equipping them to be Shepherd Leaders in God’s church. As such, over the next few years we have committed to a process of redeveloping our courses, especially the candidate Course of Training, to better form the attributes required of Pastoral Leaders. Our desire is that these revamped courses will train our students for leadership in God’s church that they might impact God’s world wherever he calls them.

Our students need your help

Studying at Christ College is a big sacrifice for many of our students. For some it means giving up years of paid employment whilst paying tuition fees and living expenses. For other, uprooting their family and moving to the city away from their support structures and networks. Most students leave College with significant tuition loans that they will need to pay off over a lifetime, and they do this willingly for the sake of God, his church and his world.

We would love to see that burdened lightened.

We would love to partner with those of you who share our vision of seeing growth in Christ-centred leadership for God’s church to reach God’s world.

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What you can do today

One way you can partner with us is to commit to supporting our students financially. To enable this to happen, we have established a new tax-deductible Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund will allow us to grant scholarships to eligible students to contribute to tuition fees and living expenses hopefully making their time at College in preparation to serve our churches that little bit easier.

Building this Scholarship Fund will take time, but we believe with your help we can make a major difference for our future students preparing to shepherd God’s church and reach his world.

If you share our vision and want to contribute towards helping us prepare leaders for God’s church and its mission in his world, please consider committing to helping us fund the pastoral leaders of the future.

Thanks for your partnership in the gospel,

Ian Smith

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