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A Graduate-Attributes Based Approach to Theological Study

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Joshua Lum Mow
Christ College Graduate
Christian Community

"I am so thankful to God for the lecturers, staff and college community for making my experience at college so memorable and helpful."

Shirley Lam
MTW Graduate
Enriching faith & practice

"I loved the Ministry Training for Women classes and how robust, broad ranging, practical and in-depth the subjects were. I really enjoyed seeing the bold and diligent faith of my sisters from all different churches and backgrounds."

Nader Dallal
Christ College Graduate
Preparing Leaders for Life

“I absolutely loved studying here. The subjects were great and I learnt a lot about the Bible and Christian ministry, equipping me to serve more effectively in the future. Studying at Christ College has helped lay a great foundation for me to go on and use the skills I have learnt for the rest of my life."