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Top 7 Reasons to Study at Christ College

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Top 7 Reasons To

Study at Christ College

“Equipping Students for Life and Ministry”


What people are saying


Samantha Ho
Christ College Student
Reformed theology

“I wanted to study theology from a distinctly reformed evangelical perspective in community. Starting theological study at Christ College has allowed me good reflective space for my studies to inform my practice, and my practice to reinforce my studies."

Yoojin Choi
Christ College Graduate
Applied to ministry

"Studying at Christ College has clarified my vision of art as a therapeutic instrument within a theological framework for emotional, mental and spiritual healing."

Andrew Hutchens
Christ College Student
Christ for all of life

“Christ College so far has really challenged me to rethink many of my pre-existing beliefs and convictions about church, books of the Bible, theological topics, contextualisation, and what it means to live for Christ in all of life."

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