Studying with Us

Studying with Us

Why Christ College

For practical and rigorous theological training which will shape your character and open new doors—study with us. Our faculty is esteemed, and our courses of training unique. Christ College forms leaders, who know God’s Word and love God’s church. 

Where to next?

Christ for all of life

Theological education is for every follower of Jesus—from ministry workers, to financial advisors, nurses, photographers, and parents. Studying at Christ College teaches you: 

  • To see the world through a Biblical worldview 
  • To think critically about ethical, philosophical, historical, and pastoral issues 
  • To grapple with big questions 
  • To understand people in their context, and care for their deepest needs 
  • To communicate effectively and creatively 
  • To serve your community and the world 

And much, much more. A theological education with Christ College opens doors.

Our Programs 

Our flagship programs embody our mission. Each program is designed to meet the unique needs of the Australian Church.

Course of Training for Ministers and Deaconesses

Want to minister in the Presbyterian church? As the theological institution affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of NSW, Christ College is your pathway to ministry.

Christ College Internship

Our internship is a three-year field experience learning program. Christ College, with our partner churches, provides the practical and theological training you need to begin a life of ministry.

Leadership Development Program

Leadership is the single greatest influence on the health and growth of Christ’s Church. In this program, Dr Jonathan Pratt combines Reformed theological convictions with evidenced-based leadership principles. Time and time again, we have seen this course transform lives and churches.

Ministry Training for Women

MTW is a two-year program, which prepares women for all types of ministry. The program, coordinated by Carmelina Read, includes 10 lectures per year (in person or online), as well as one-to-one mentoring and peer support.

Church Leader Foundation Program

This program is a part-time pathway to ministry, for men and women. We offer units flexibly, with evening classes and intensives. This study can be counted toward a Diploma of Theology, a Graduate Diploma of Divinity, or be the first step in our Course of Training.

Shepherd Leader Training

This program aims to see healthy leadership in NSW Presbyterian churches. It is church-based training, and is available to existing and aspiring elders, as well as those wishing to serve in other church leadership roles.

Chaplaincy Training

In partnership with Jericho Road, we provide training for chaplains in professional and volunteer settings. We offer everything from an introductory subject to a NSW government accredited program.

Gospel Worker Program

This 3-year program aims to equip you for word-based vocational leadership in your specific missional context. The program features tailored streams to prepare you for God’s calling to areas such as missions, chaplaincy, student ministry, and leadership in other church-based ministries.

Christ College Traineeship

This new 2-year program aims to prepare future ministry leaders through an integrated program of classroom and field-based learning. You’ll study towards a Diploma of Theology or Graduate Diploma of Divinity while gaining practical experience in an approved church or parachurch organisation.


Graduate Attributes Based Approach 

We don’t simply care about what you know, we care about who you are. That’s why all our courses are founded on our graduate attributes. Together, we are forming leaders for God’s Church, for the sake of God’s world. Study at Christ College and, in the power of the Holy Spirit, become someone who: 

  • Knows God in Christ
  • Loves God in Christ
  • Knows self in Christ
  • Loves people like Christ
  • Leads God’s Church under Christ
  • Preaches and teaches Christ from the Scriptures

Meet Our Staff

Join Our Open Day

We’d love to meet you, and start a conversation about your future with Christ College. Come to our next open day. 

Come to a Class!

Drop by, and listen in to a class. Get a taste of what’s on offer at Christ College.

I’m Ready to Study

Entry requirements
  1. Credible personal account of your Christian commitment. 
  2. Evidence of your church involvement/and or membership, with reference from church leader. 
  3. Evidence of your prior experience in Christian leadership or service. 
  4. Expressed willingness to conduct yourself according to our Christian ethos and requirements, including our Student Code of Conduct

For admission into Australian College of Theology Courses, students must meet the requirements as laid out in the ACT’s Coursework Course Enrolment Policy available here.

Potential students should also be aware of the ACT’s important policies for students which can be found here.

Have questions?

Application process

Our academic year begins in February. You’ll need to apply by November of the year prior. Make sure you have all the relevant eligibility documentation. Then, you can apply online here. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we will request your eligibility documentation. Next, you’ll have an interview with our Principal. If successful, you will be sent a contract. Once this process is completed, you will be enrolled in your course! We’re here to help, every step of the way.

Ready to talk further?


Have you already been accepted to study at Christ College? Ready to enrol in your units? You can do via the link on the Nova dashboard

Semester timetable

Download our current semester timetable here. 


We’re currently working on a catalogue of our units. For more information about units, contact us.

Alternatively, you can view our current units on the timetable here. 

Have a question about our units of study?


Our fees are set by the Australian College of Theology, on a yearly basis. You can view the most current fees here. If you’re auditing a unit or taking a non-award unit, our internal fees are as follows:

Audit Only


Internal/Non Award Units


Ministry Training for Women (MTW): $167.50 per unit per semester

Other: $400 per 12cp unit per semester.

NZ based students: $400 per 12 unit per semester.

Internship (per year): $1071.50

Ministry Training for Women (MTW): $351.25 per unit per semester

Other Internal Units: $89.25 per credit point per semester


Students studying an Australian College of Theology award are eligible to receive FEE-HELP. You can view more information about the FEE-HELP scheme here. To find out more.

Overseas students

Christ College is proud of our international community. Overseas students will need to meet the requirements set out by the Australian Government. You can view those hereYou will also need to meet the following internal requirements:

  1. Have a written reference from your pastor or church leader.
  2. Academic records of your previous studies.
  3. Proof of English proficiency. For more information about our English language requirements, ask us. 
  4. Evidence that you will be able to meet the financial demands of studying in Australia.

Christ College’s campus at Burwood is approved by the Australian Government as a delivery location for overseas students for a number of courses of the Australian College of Theology. A full list of courses available to overseas students is available here.

For more information and assistance, click here. Then, To start the process, apply here. Then, we’ll be in touch. We are happy to provide advice regarding student Visas and financial support. You can also access information to help plan your study including costs of living and studying, accommodation options, healthcare and more at the Australian College of Theology page here. To learn more

Student Support

Christ College is committed to the wellbeing of our students. For information about Student Support Services, click here. Additional information for our NZ Campus students can be downloaded here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Application & Enrolment
  • Courses & Classes
  • Presbyterian Ministry
  • Other
How do I find out what I need to study in order to finish my degree?

Our Registrar would love to chat to you about this. You can contact her here.

How do I enrol?

Once your application to study has been approved, you can enrol in your units online. Click here to enrol now.

Do you offer online classes?

Some of our classes are available online. Get in touch to find out more!

How do I become a Presbyterian minister?

You can read about the candidature process here. If you’re interested in pursuing this path, we’d love to speak with you. Contact us.

Where do I get application forms and information for Presbyterian candidacy?

You can download a pack of information and forms to apply for Presbyterian candidacy here.

Covid Restrictions

Christ College is a COVIDSafe business, and we’re committed to keeping our community safe. For all the latest updates on how the College is currently responding to COVID, please read our News.

Can I study at Christ College even if I don’t want to go into vocational ministry?

Yes! Theological education is incredibly valuable for every Christian. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, an industry professional, a retiree, or none of the above—Christ College has a place for you. Grow you in your love and knowledge of God, for the sake of His Church and the world.

Is Christ College only for members of the Presbyterian church?

No, Christ College is a place for every follower of Jesus who wants a Reformed and Christ-centred theological education. We are the theological institution of the Presbyterian Church of NSW, but we welcome students from a range of denominational backgrounds.