Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes

Adjunct Lecturer

Peter Barnes is passionate about Church history, and history at large from a Christian perspective. He has written a biography of Athanasius, ‘Athanasius: His Life and Impact’. He has written on everything from plagues to B.B Warfield. Currently, he is researching Australian Presbyterian History. Prior to his time at Chirst College, Peter taught at the Presbyterian Bible College at Tangoa in Vanuatu. After this, Peter was the minister of the Presbyterian Nambucca River pastoral charge. During this time, he helped establish the Nambucca Valley Christian Community School and was chairman of the School Board. Peters PhD concerns the rise of liberal evangelism in the Presbyterian Church of NSW during the period of 1865-1915. 

  • M.A. (Hons)
  • B.D., 
  • Dip.Ed, 
  • ThD.

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