Steve Pym

Steve Pym

Convener of the PTCC

Steve is the Convener of the Presbyterian Theological Centre Committee. This means he is the Chairman of the Board for Christ College, and also a member of the Faculty.. Steve’s passion is seeing Christians equipped through the Church to confidently live for Christ in all of life. His research interests principally relate to giving a better biblical account of how ruptured human relationships might be renewed. He’s also passionate about walking through God’s amazing creation! 

Steve worked for over 11 years serving the Comunidad Bíblica Universitaria Uruguay, an IFES-related Christian university group. For the last 20 years he has been in congregational ministry in Australia. Steve is married to Veronica, a Uruguayan Australian. They have three sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren, so far. 

  • DipArts(Theology)
  • AdvDipTh
  • BTh
  • MBBS

Steve, How did your theological education shape you? 

“My formal theological education showed me that God, and His word, are much greater than I ever imagined. It gave me the grounding to keep growing in my knowledge and love of God, studying His word to serve His people as pastor and teacher. I hope that this means that it’s at least possible for some to see Christ being formed in me. And God and His word continue to appear greater and greater to me.”

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