I want to minister in the Presbyterian church

I want to minister in the Presbyterian church

As the theological institution of the NSW Presbyterian Church, Christ College is the perfect place to start—or finish—your journey toward Presbyterian ministry. We offer reformed and confessional theological education, with particular expertise regarding Presbyterian ministry, doctrine, and church history. 

Graduate Attributes 

We know that healthy churches need leaders who are practised disciples of Christ. That’s why we focus on your character, as much as your knowledge. Our graduate attributes are our commitment to you—and to your future congregation. We develop candidates who:

  • Know God in Christ
  • Love God in Christ
  • Know self in Christ
  • Love people like Christ
  • Lead God’s Church under Christ
  • Preach and teach Christ from the Scriptures

How Does it Work?

Step 1 – Complete your training course

  1. Contact the elders of your church, and apply to become a candidate. Download application forms and information for candidacy here.
  2. Your Presbytery reviews your application.
  3. Interview with the Candidate’s Review Panel.
  4. Interview with your Presbytery—if approved, you are officially a candidate.
  5. Presbytery reviews your candidature annually

Step 2 – Trial, licensing and ordination

Step 3 – Called to a congregation

Presbyterian Candidates say . . . 

Courses and Programs

To become a Presbyterian Minister or Deaconess, you will need to complete our Course of Training (COT). The COT normally involves four-years full-time study at Christ College (three years for Deaconesses), at either undergraduate or graduate level. As part of the COT, you will also complete the Christ College Internship. Together, this provides a comprehensive training for pastoral leadership in the Presbyterian Church. Every member of our passionate faculty is academically and pastorally experienced. 

Life at Christ College 

As you step into ministry, don’t do it alone. Join a community of other people who are seeking to develop their gifts, for the sake of the Church. Plus, enjoy all the benefits of our central Sydney campus. Located in Burwood, our contemporary and well equipped campus is buzzing with student life. We offer alternate study modes, including online and blended learning. 

Preparing for ministry in the Presbyterian church with Christ College is ..

Comprehensive, pastoral, personalised.