Updates to Calendars & Timetables

The details of each document below are correct at the time of publication, but may be subject to minor changes. If you have questions regarding the information provided below, please contact us on (02) 9744 1977 or at contact@christcollege.edu.au. Last updated 05/11/2019.

Year Calendars

College annual calendars are available for download here:


Academic & Events Calendar 2020 [Updated 23rd October]
Key Events & Study Dates [A5 Flyer]


Academic & Events Calendar Semester 1, 2019
Academic & Events Calendar Semester 2, 2019 [Updated 2 August]

Semester Timetables

College semester timetables are available for download here:


Semester 1, 2020 Timetable (Weekly Classes)
Semester 1, 2020 Timetable (Intensive Units & Online Units)


Semester 1, 2019 Timetable
Semester 2, 2019 Timetable

Exam Timetables

Exam timetables will be released closer to the end of the semester.

Intensive Timetables

Intensive timetables are available for those who have enrolled into an Intensive unit. Please consult your Unit Outline on NOVA for your intensive timetable.

Online Events/Academic Dates Calendar

Dates have been updated for Semester 1, 2020.