Our Programs

Our Programs

Our flagship programs embody our mission. Each program is designed to meet the unique needs of the Australian Church.

Course of Training

Want to become a Presbyterian minister? As the theological institution affiliated with the Presbyterian Church of NSW, Christ College is your pathway to ministry. 

Christ College Internship

Our internship is a three-year field experience learning program. Christ College, with our partner churches, provides the practical and theological training you need to begin a life of ministry.

Leadership Development Program

Leadership is the single greatest influence on the health and growth of Christ’s Church. In this program, Dr Jonathan Pratt combines Reformed theological convictions with evidenced-based leadership principles. Time and time again, we have seen this course transform lives and churches. 

Ministry Training for Women 

MTW is a two-year program, which prepares women for all types of ministry. The program, coordinated by Carmelina Read, includes 10 lectures per year, as well as one-to-one mentoring and peer support. 

Church Leader Foundation Program

This program is a part-time pathway to ministry, for men and women. We offer units flexibly, with evening classes and intensives. This study can be counted toward a Diploma of Theology, a Graduate Diploma of Divinity, or be the first step in our Course of Training.

Shepherd Leader Training

This program aims to see healthy leadership in NSW Presbyterian churches. It is church-based training, and is available to existing and aspiring elders, as well as those wishing to serve in other church leadership roles.

Chaplaincy Training

In partnership with Jericho Road, we provide training for chaplains in professional and volunteer settings. We offer everything from an introductory subject to a NSW government accredited program.

Gospel Worker Program

If you teach God’s Word, this program is for you.