2023 Scholarships


2023 Scholarships

Christ College is offering new scholarships in 2023 to assist eligible students to undertake theological study at Christ College.

Christ College Partnership Scholarship
This scholarship is designed to assist students with the costs associated with studying in partnership with their own churches and supporters.
Scholarship recipients will be awarded
$1000 to kick start their supporter fundraising network. Supporters will be able to make tax deductible donations into the Scholarship Fund and nominate their preferred student. Christ College will distribute 90% of these funds to the scholarship recipient with the other 10% to be reinvested back into the fund for future students.
There will initially be five partnership scholarships awarded in 2023.

Christ College Tuition Scholarships
This scholarship is designed to assist students with their tuition fees. There are two scholarships being awarded for 2023.
Scholarship recipients will receive the equivalent of the fees for a 50% study load in the 2023 calendar year (approx. $11,208 p.a.) applied to their tuition fees.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for a scholarship, applicants must demonstrate:
• a commitment to a local church within the Evangelical Reformed tradition;
• a commitment to equipping themselves for the task of being a leader within the church they are serving;
• how they hope the training will better equip them in their ministry context;
• that they have the support of their local church

Key Dates
• 30th November 2022: Applications due
• 10th December 2022: Scholarship recipients will be notified
• 24th December 2022: Partnership Scholarship Round 2 Applications Due
• 27th January 2023: Scholarship funds will be distributed

How to Apply
Request an application form via the form below, or email us at contact@christcollege.edu.au.


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