Affirming a conviction for full-time ministry


Affirming a conviction for full-time ministry

Jason Yu grew up in a Christian family and always took his faith seriously, but it wasn’t until a life-changing encounter while he was at university that he started considering full-time ministry.

Jason Yu was born into a Christian family in Hong Kong. After moving to Australia at age 10, he quickly settled into GracePoint Presbyterian where he became a committed member of the youth group during his high school years. 

While later studying a degree in Commerce and Economics at UNSW, Jason threw himself into both Campus Bible Study and the university ministry group operated by his church. While he was fully involved in ministry during this time, he also encountered doubts in his faith.

“I was wondering, ‘Am I taking this seriously?’ And ‘Am I really a Christian?’” Jason shares.

His prayers were answered at the end of his first year at university, when he attended a NextGen conference at Katoomba.

“I remember the preacher talking about Romans chapter eight,” Jason explains. “And that sermon was one that really crushed my doubts. I realised that not even my sin can separate me from God’s love. So that was really a turning point for me.”

After the life-changing conference, Jason became even more involved in both church and on-campus ministry.

“It was during Campus Bible Study that I started thinking about full-time ministry,” Jason says.

While working in the logistics industry over the course of two years after graduating from university, Jason spent time praying about his future. He also sought counsel from his pastor at church, who encouraged him to consider a ministry apprenticeship.

Jason decided to undertake an MTS apprenticeship through his church, and during that time his conviction around full-time ministry was affirmed.

“I finished MTS last year and here I am this year—first year at Bible College,” Jason smiles.

Now that he’s almost completed his first year of study, Jason’s convictions continue to be affirmed.

“Before I started studying, I was thinking about becoming a Presbyterian minister and becoming ordained in the Presbyterian church, and that has not changed,” Jason says. “And after becoming a minister, I was thinking about studying a PhD in order to teach at a Bible college overseas, and that has not changed either.”

Jason is enrolled in a Master of Divinity/Graduate Diploma of Divinity. It’s a four-year combined course, and it’s also part of the Presbyterian course of training—so he’s on the path to becoming ordained.

A highlight for Jason this past year has been the Living for Christ segment each week. One of the guests who shared was a Bible college lecturer from India.

“I remember being really convicted about teaching at a Bible college overseas. My interest in that hasn’t faded, but rather been reinforced,” he admits.

Jason has felt deeply cared for by the faculty at the college. He’s also appreciated the size of the college, particularly the way classes are smaller with more direct access to lecturers.

“I know that people who are considering Bible college may think that other Bible colleges are better,” Jason says. “And I recognise that all of them have strengths and weaknesses. But in terms of Christ College, I would urge people to consider the advantage of it not being the biggest college. We enjoy more access to faculty, more intimate community, and the reformed and confessional nature of the college as well.”


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