Ashlie Stevenson (Alumna) featured in The Presbyterian Pulse


Ashlie Stevenson (Alumna) featured in The Presbyterian Pulse

“I spent four years part time at Christ College and got my diploma and all the way I kept praying, God, you have to put me somewhere where I can tell a view “from God to you”. I wanted to work somewhere with women who had lived the life I had. So, I went to drug addicts, prostitutes, women with mental illness, women who had had abortions (I had two more when I was a junkie, homeless) and ended up finding four different groups in Sydney who helped women in these circumstances.”

One of Christ College alumni, Ashlie Stevenson, is on the cover of this season’s edition of The Pulse, the magazine of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (in the State of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory). In this edition, she shares how she was led to start the ministry of Hope House.

You can read more about God’s amazing work of healing and transformation in Ashlie’s life via The Pulse’s website:


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