Knowing God means we know his involvement in, and commitment to personal relationships. We see this particularly through the gospel, where God reconciles us to Himself and reorders our relationships. The gospel forms and sets apart the church, with local expressions of Christ’s body gathered to worship Him together.

Christ College puts first priority on being a part of a local church. We encourage our students to involve themselves and their families in the life of the church as much as they are able. This encouragement is also directed at our staff, who seek to lead in example by active involvement in their local churches.

College community is an important complement to church involvement. Having a supportive group of people who share their lives alongside each other will enrich the learning process at College.

Christ College provides a simple program to facilitate this community life. There are plenty of chances to connect with people, hang out, pray together and share a meal. We aim to have a community life which builds connections between students, between students and staff, and between families. The heart of community, however, always comes from the people who invest in it. Be willing to be present through the opportunities we present, and take the initiative to create other opportunities.

Due to COVID-19 and consequent restrictions to building access, we will now be hosting some of our community programs online. Read below for more details

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