COVID-19 Update (25/03/2020)


COVID-19 Update (25/03/2020)


Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 24th March, 2020 regarding further closure of venues (including libraries), the Christ College Facilities will be closed from 2pm on Wednesday 25th March, until the 28th April, 2020 (the end of the lecture break). We will continue to monitor the situation and advise arrangements for after the break in due course.

Christ College Facilities will be closed until the 28th April, 2020 except for essential services (e.g. cleaning and maintenance as necessary, building compliance work) and for staff members who have prior permission from the Principal’s Office.

Access to the Library remains open until 2pm on Wednesday 25th March under the same conditions outlined earlier in the week. After 2pm, it will be closed until further notice. We encourage students to make use of online resources and the document delivery service (however please note that this service may take a few business days to process requests).

All staff are working from home. They can be contacted via email during normal business hours.

Once again, thank you for your prayers, support, patience and understanding in this matter as we navigate this difficult situation together.

In gratitude,

Ian Smith (Principal)


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