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Murray is the Lecturer in Biblical Theology & Exegesis. He has been on the full-time faculty at Christ College since 2010, and teaches introductory units in Biblical Theology, advanced units in Greek and Hebrew exegesis, and study tours to the biblical lands. Murray is also a guest lecturer in the Department of Hebrew Bible and Jewish Studies at the University of Sydney, where he co-teaches a unit on “Historical Jesus to Written Gospels”.

Murray’s main research interests are in Jesus and the Gospels, biblical eschatology, biblical church government, and the relationship between biblical theology and systematic theology in the Reformed tradition.
Prior to joining the faculty at Christ College, Murray served as a pastor at Kirkplace Presbyterian Church, as a teacher of Ancient History and Religious Education at Newington College and the Presbyterian Ladies College, and as a staff worker with the Sydney University Evangelical Union. He currently serves the Presbyterian Church of NSW as Convenor of the Committee for Elders and Deacons, and serves the wider church as a member of the United Evangelistic Council. He is an elder at Hornsby Presbyterian Church, where he takes particular responsibility for the Gospel Training (Christian Education) program.

Murray is married to Lynette and they have five children.


1999 Bachelor of Arts (University of Sydney)
2001 Master of Arts (Hons) (University of Sydney)
2006 Master of Arts (Hons) (Macquarie University)
2014 Master of Divinity (Australian College of Theology)
2008 Graduate Diploma of Education (University of New England)
PhD (Cand.) (Macquarie University)


Effective Eldership: A Handbook for Shepherding God’s Church, editor and contributor (Sydney: Eider Books, 2022).
Jesus: All About Life, (NSW Bible Society: Macquarie Park, 2009).

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