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Paul is a Research Fellow at Christ College and his current area of research is Philanthropy in Australian Colonial History. Prior to this he was Senior Minister of Beecroft (2004-13), full-time lecturer at the College (1990-2003), Senior Chaplain at The Scots College (1984-89) and minister of Tocumwal- Finley (1977-83). He has held various positions within the Presbyterian Church including Convener of Public Worship & Aids to Devotion Committee (1991-01), Convener of the NSW Presbyterian Social Services Committee (2002-10) and Convener of the NSW Theological Education Committee (2010-12). Before entering the ministry Paul was a Geologist with the Geological Survey, NSW Department of Mines.

Paul is married to Megan and they have four adult children and one grandchild.


1969 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (University of New South Wales)
1975 Licentiate of Theology (Honours) (Australian College of Theology)
1976 Bachelor of Divinity (Honours) ( University of London)
1991 Master of Theology (Melbourne College of Divinity)
1998 Master of Adult Education (University of Technology, Sydney)
2013 Doctor of Philosophy (Macquarie University)


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Elizabeth Mary Goodlet (nee Forbes) (1854 – 1926), Missions activist and Presbyterian.
Mildred Isabel Parker (1890-1954), Presbyterian Deaconess.
William Druce, Sydney City Missionary and Temperance Advocate (1827-1925), and Hannah Druce, Sydney Night Refuge and Reformatory Manager (1829-1909).
Isabella Price (8 March 1830 – 26 July 1920), Zenana missionary teacher, Consumptive Hospital Matron.
Goodlet, John Hay, (born 22 March 1835- died 13 January 1914), Presbyterian Philanthropist, Timber Merchant and Manufacturer.
Goodlet, Ann Alison, (born c.1822- died 3 January 1903), Presbyterian Philanthropist, missions promoter.
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Editor: Hutchinson, M. Iron in our Blood: A History of the Presbyterian Church in NSW, 1788-2001 (Sydney : Ferguson Press, 2001)
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Philanthropists in Colonial Australian History http://phinaucohi.wordpress.com/

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