Reaching billions in need of the Gospel with Vijai Singh Tagore


Reaching billions in need of the Gospel with Vijai Singh Tagore

A great number of amazing students recently graduated from Christ College. One of those students was Vijai Singh Tagore, a scholarship student from India who completed his PHD study in Australia.

Vijai came to know Christ personally in India in 2001. After listening to a series of sermons on the book of Romans, he came to understand God’s grace, and put his faith in Jesus. He says, “I was born in a professing Christian family but had not personally put faith in Christ until at the Bible college in 2001. I heard sermons from the book of Romans in chapel services at the Bible college and gradually came to understand the gospel and put faith in Christ in a personal way.”

This faith led him to eventually teach at Presbyterian Theological Seminary (PTS) in India. While a fantastic college equipping many people for the work of the Gospel, PTS is extremely under-resourced compared to training, theological understanding and ministry experience found in Australia. So Vijai came to Christ College to study as a scholarship student.

Vijai says, “The Bible college in India (PTS) where I teach, needs help with training lecturers well in theology and Biblical studies from a Reformed perspective. Christ College graciously offered to help PTS in this area by offering scholarships to me. I came to the theological college to be trained for higher education to provide help in higher degree research at PTS.”

The training that you likely experience in your local church, surpasses much of the training available to other Christians around the world. Being able to study at an institution like Christ College is even more out of reach.

For many students like Vijai, a scholarship is the only way they can afford to be theologically trained to a high level, in a rich community of fellowship, academic rigor and biblical faithfulness. Vijai’s education from Christ College is enabling him to bless his community and college, where he is now passing on the deep theological and practical ministry knowledge he gained.

Vijai shares, “I would not have been able to study and be trained if there were no scholarships available. Christ College scholarships have helped the college in India to have better-equipped lecturers who will in return train hundreds and thousands of local church leaders and church planters in India. The country India has more than a billion people still needing to hear the gospel.”

Now Vijai has returned to India and is resuming teaching at PTS, as well as ministering in his local church. Investing in just one person like Vijai enables the training of hundreds or even thousands of other Christians, who can reach out to the millions of unreached people in the world.

There are countless other passionate gospel workers, and aspiring gospel workers, around the world and in Australia, who want to study God’s word in depth and equip themselves for a life of ministry. But the financial barriers to this are great – which is why your support is so crucial.

Please consider a generous financial donation to enable more students like Vijai to study at Christ College. Your gift will help to provide scholarships in the next year for students, who will then go on to multiply the impact of your donation by training others.

Vijai says, “I want to thank all the donors who very generously and graciously contributed to making this scholarship possible. Your sacrificial giving and prayers will have eternal consequences in assisting reaching our thousands of people in a country vehemently opposed to Christianity, but also in desperate need of Jesus to set them free from rampant idolatry and social evils.

Please continue to invest in and help those who lack resources and opportunities to be trained for the gospel.”

At Christ College we echo Vijai’s thanks for your past generosity and encourage you to continue your commitment today as we make the most of this opportunity to multiply the number of gospel workers trained and prepared for ministry, in Australia and around the world.

Thank you for your partnership!

Donate to the Christ College appeal today.


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