Weekend Away 2022


Weekend Away 2022

Get 2022 off to a good start by sharing a relaxed weekend away with the College community. Listen to God’s word together, share with each other, pray together, and join in the fun!

Families are welcome and a children’s program will be provided.



Date: Friday evening 18th February 2022 – Sunday 20th February 2022

Location: Katoomba Christian Convention Centre, 119 Cliff Drive, Katoomba NSW 2780

Theme: Gospel Leadership

Speaker: John Macintyre

Registration: Register on TryBooking here.

This year’s theme is Gospel Leadership and the talks will be given by John Macintyre on “Preaching Pastor”, “Team Playing Pastor” and “Peacemaking Pastor”. Read more about John and his wife Louise below.

John Macintyre

Two-time church planter and pastoring since 1992 you might expect that John could be an annoying know it all, but he still has a thirst for wisdom and a desire to grow in effective gospel ministry. At a state level, John has positively contributed to the PCNSW by getting Metro off the ground and serving on Ministry and Mission for 17 years, developing M&M’s church planting strategy and contributed regionally by helping with the revitalisation of the Hunter Presbytery.

John brings an interesting, if not eclectic, bag of ministry experiences with him including military chaplaincy, overseas ministry exchange (UK), encouraging trips to missionaries in Africa, Asia and Europe and is a foundational board member for a new non-profit corporation, set up to sponsor mission work amongst the Samburu of Northern Kenya.

John is team leader, to a small staff, serving Grace Presbyterian Church, with 4 congregations in 3 different locations.

Louise Macintyre

Is a registered nurse, midwife and lactation consultant. She is happy to be on call if you are bringing a baby on the weekend. Louise can think of nothing worse than being an upfront speaker or leader and nothing better than quietly catching up and having conversations that really matter.

John and Louise met over a patient in the Intensive Care Unit where they were both working, and later married in the hospital chapel. Living in Newcastle, which they feel is the best place in NSW, they are blessed with 4 adult children (may not have used the word blessed when they were teenagers), 3 grandchildren (who they totally and unashamedly spoil.)



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