You’re Only Human: Kelly Kapic


You’re Only Human: Kelly Kapic

Friday 12th August 7pm, Christ College

The list of demands on our time can seem never-ending, so how do we navigate our limitations in light of living for our Creator?

This year our Christ College Eliza Ferrie Public Lecture features Kelly Kapic. Kelly is an American speaker, author and professor of theological studies at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

Kelly will be speaking on the topic of, You’re Only Human. He will explore how to make peace with the fact that God didn’t create us to do it all and how to cultivate a life that fosters gratitude, rest, and faithful service to God.

Come to this event and learn:

  • That being limited is not a result of the fall, but is part of our creatureliness and that it is good.
  • To contemplate the depth of God’s love to us, individually and with all our own personal particularity, as his creation made in his image.
  • As creatures, we are dependent and that is a good thing.

This lecture is for all Christians and is free to attend!

At this event, Christ College is also pleased to be launching College lecturer, Cameron Clausing’s new translated book, Bavinck’s Guidebook for Instruction in the Christian Religion.

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