COVID-19 Update: 28th July, 2021


COVID-19 Update: 28th July, 2021

Dear Christ College Community,

Thanks for your support and prayers as we continue online learning this semester. As you are no doubt aware, stay-at-home orders have been extended in Greater Sydney until Friday 27th August and as such, we will continue to be conducting classes and community activities online until then.

We recognise the difficulty of completing assessments with limited access to resources and so will be making changes to Library arrangements (see below) from Monday 2nd August.

Please read through the important changes below:

For a run down of the changes below, join us for our Library Orientation session on Thursday 29th July at 1:30pm via zoom:

Library Access

    • The library will remain closed until Friday 27th August, 2021;


  • CLICK AND COLLECT service will be implemented from Monday 2nd August.

    In line with the health advice from the NSW Government, we encourage you to consider whether or not it is essential for you to leave your home to borrow these books before making use of the service.

    Click and collect will operate under the following arrangements:

      • Books will only be loaned if they are unavailable online or if there is too much traffic to an ebook copy, specifically Wheelers and some EBSCO texts;
      • Book order and pick up will follow the process below:
        1. Student makes a booking via the reservation feature in the library catalogue;
        2. College staff will prepare the order for pick up;
        3. Student will be notified by email when their order is ready for pick up;
        4. Student can pick up books within the designated pick up times.
      • Deadlines and pick up times for orders are as follows:
        • Monday Pick Up: order by 9am Monday and you’ll receive confirmation of your order by 12pm Monday. You will be able to pick up your order between 3pm-4pm on Monday afternoon.
        • Friday Pick Up: order by 9am Friday and you’ll receive confirmation of your order by 12pm Friday. You will be able to pick up your order between 3pm-4pm on Friday afternoon.
      • Please ensure you wear a mask and check into the College when you pick up your order;
    • If you cannot make use of click and collect because you are in a locked-down LGA, have other health issues, or cannot make the pick up time slot, please contact the library via email ( to discuss other options.
  • RETURNS can be completed between 3pm-4pm Monday and Friday. Please ensure you wear a mask and check into the College when you return your books. Books should be returned to the quarantine bin provided.


  • DOCUMENT DELIVERY will continue to be available to students (i.e. make a request and the amazing librarians will scan the resource for you!):
    • Undergraduate students are allowed two (2) scans per unit within copyright guidelines;
    • Postgraduate students are allowed five (5) scans per unit within copyright guidelines;
    • HDR students function as normal with scanning and inter-library loan affordances;
    • The maximum amount of pages per request is 50 pages;
    • Requests will be posted on the corresponding unit NOVA page to avoid double ups and increase accessibility (within copyright guidelines);
    • To receive a document within the week, requests must be made before Thursday 9am, and will be fulfilled on Thursdays.


For an introduction to our Click and Collect service, or other help with resources, join us for our Library Orientation session on Thursday 29th July at 1:30pm via zoom:

Got other questions? Hop onto our Virtual Help Desk!

  • Our Virtual Help Desk is operating every day (plus Tuesday evenings) with a member of our Support Team on a Zoom call ready to take your questions between the following times:
    • 8:30am – 9:30am;
    • 5:00pm – 6:00pm TUESDAY ONLY;
  • To access the Help Desk, click on the following Zoom link:
  • You’ll be admitted to the Zoom waiting room and a Team Member will speak with you as soon as they are able.

Thanks for reading the information above carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

In Him,

The Christ College Team


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