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Updates to Facility Hire Procedures & Costs

Update (27/07/2020): Due to new regulations surrounding COVID-19, booking procedures have changed. Contact our Administrator at or (02) 9744 1977 if you have any questions.

Conditions of Hire

  1. Booking Payment: Upon written acceptance of a booking, a non-refundable depositof $100.00 is required to secure your booking. After the event, the Group Representative will be sent an invoice, which is to be paid within five working days. The deposit will be subtracted from the final cost. Christ College reserves the right to refuse any bookings, and to adjust costs, at the discretion of its staff.
  2. Cancellations: Any bookings cancelled within the month of the event will not have their deposit refunded.
  3. Clean-up: In the event of any spillage on the carpet, the spillage must be wiped up immediately with the paper towels located on the wall in the kitchens and toilets. Please leave the kitchen clean and tidy with everything washed up and put away. All cleaning equipment is found under the sinks in the Kitchen. A vacuum cleaner is located in the Cleaner’s Room on the Ground Floor near the toilets.
  4. *Consumables: Groups are to provide their own ready-made consumables (e.g. tea, coffee, milk, sugar, meals, snacks). Food and drinks are to be consumed in the Dining Area only and not to be taken to any other rooms. At this point in time, the Kitchen is closed to groups.
  5. Damages: Any damage to property (including any spillage) while being used by your group is to be reported to the Site Manager during the event, and then with photos to The group must pay for any breakages, damages, repairs, or staff call-out time. This will be added on top of the Facility Hire fees.
  6. Emergencies: In the case of an emergency, please first notify your Site Manager.  If they are not able to assist,  dial 000 or consult Burwood Police (Belmore St, Burwood; 02 9745 8499). A First Aid kit is located in the Reception area (fob access required for entry) and under the sound desk in the Auditorium.
  7. Noise: Groups are to be considerate of the neighbours surrounding the Christ College building. For out-of-hours events, guests should not loiter in/around the premises after the event and should remain quiet when heading out. Any complaints made from outsiders during this time may affect the eligibility of future bookings.
  8. Packup: The group is responsible for moving any furniture or equipment to their original position, as they were found.
  9. *Restricted Access: Access to the Kitchen, Library, and Heritage building (including the staff kitchen on Level 1) is restricted and should not be accessed by the group or its guests. Guests should refrain from entering Level 1 if the group is only hiring the ground level.
  10. Rubbish: Bins are provided for rubbish. However, all rubbish must be taken off Christ College property, as our bins are for College waste only. Do not place it in the rubbish bins outside the kitchen or in neighbouring bins. Bin liners are to be replaced using the bin liners in the kitchen.
  11. Setup: Any setup persons should liaise with the Site Manager with their requirements prior to the event. Please note that setup time is included in the time of the booking. Groups are expected to set up their own chairs, which are provided in each of the areas. One parking spot is available for setup vehicles. This parking spot and any other setup equipment required must be organised prior to the event with the Site Manager.
  12. Site Manager: The College will hire a Site Manager for all Auditorium events, and all out-of-hours events. This is for the safety of all guests, protection of our facilities, and smooth running of events. The Site Manager is responsible for all Facility matters, which includes opening the building, setting up any equipment, operating the audio-visual equipment, emergency procedures,  parking, locking up,  and reporting any damages. Any requests regarding the facility on the day should be made directly to the Site Manager and any instructions should be followed. The cost of hiring a Site Manager is to be met by the group hiring the premises and will be added to the final invoice.

Instructions to Guests

The conditions with an asterisk (*) above should also be communicated to guests at the beginning of the event. The following details should also be communicated to guests:

Before the Event
Transport & Parking: There is limited parking on, and around Clarence St. Guests should be directed not to park at Burwood RSL or on any private properties. Christ College is a seven-minute walk from Burwood train station. Suitable parking spots can be found on our Contact Us page.
Lifts: There is an accessible ramp on the Shaftesbury Road side of Christ College, and in front of the College. Those who require lifts inside the building should inform the Group User Representative to contact the Site Manager beforehand to organise assistance.

At the Beginning of the Event
Emergency Procedures: In the event of a fire alarm ringing, guests should listen to the instructions given by the Site Manager. A Fire Evacuation Map is located on the wall next to the main College entry doors. Injuries should be reported to the Site Manager.
Toilets: These are located on Ground and Level 1. There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet and a nappy change desk on the Ground level unisex toilet room.
Consumables: Enclosed drinks are to be consumed in the Dining Room only. No cups are to be taken out of the Dining Room.
Noise: (For out-of-hours events) Guests are to be considerate of neighbours surrounding the Christ College building. Guests should not loiter in/around the premises after the event and should remain quiet when heading out.
Wifi: The CC-Public network is available for use for guests.

Hire Costs

Christ College offers its facilities for hire to groups who are in agreeance with, and promoters of, our vision and mission (see

Facility hire bookings will be approved by the Operations Manager, and charged according to the rates in the table below.

Hiring Fee $100  

Dining Room & Kitchen
$40 0 – 5 hours (fixed price) 6 + hours (rate/hour)
<30 people $40 $20
31-80 $60 $30
81+ $80 $40

$70 0 – 5 hours 6 + hours (rate/hour)
<30 people $70 $35
31-80 $90 $45
81+ $110 $55

Lecture Rooms (Each)
$25 0 – 5 hours 6 + hours (rate/hour)
<30 people $25 $13
31-80 $35 $18
81+ $45 $23

All Rooms (Except Heritage Building & Library)
  0 – 5 hours 6 + hours (rate/hour)
<30 people $189 $95
31-80 $261 $131
81+ $333 $167

* Hirers must have Public Liability Insurance for Event Bookings. $100 deposit required.



Booking Request Form

1 Group & User Details
2 Event Contact Details
3 Booking Details
4 Payment Details
Group & User Representative Details
Event Contact Details
Booking Details
Setup Start TimeThis is the time you wish to start setup, not the start time advertised to guests.
Event Start TimeThis is the advertised start time for guests.
Event Finish TimeThis is the advertised finish time for guests.
Packup Finish TimeThis is the time you wish to finish packup, not the finish time advertised to guests.
Area(s) Required:Please note that we have a maximum number limit in accordance with our COVIDSafe Policy. Our kitchen is also closed.
Technology/Equipment Required:For Auditorium bookings. Any other equipment not listed here is not for use unless a prior arrangement has been made.
Conditions of Hire

I agree with the following Conditions of Hire:

  1. We will abide by the Conditions of Hire set by Christ College on its website, and communicate any relevant information to guests 
  2. We will promptly inform Christ College in the event of any accidents, damages, breakages or emergencies
  3. We will comply with any additional written/verbal instructions given by Christ College staff (including Administration staff & Site Manager)
  4. We will actively ensure the safety and wellbeing of all event participants, particularly in light of the COVID Safe Policy and Procedures

To secure your booking, a deposit of $100.00 is to be paid to Christ College. You can pay via direct deposit using the details below:

Bank:  Westpac

BSB:  032 062

Account Number:  756440

Reference: Please write “Hire” plus the date of the intended event (e.g. “Hire 270320”)

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Any Questions?

Speak to the Administration Officer on (02) 9744 1977 or e-mail