Let Us Convince You

Top 7 Reasons to Study at Christ College


We believe that Jesus Christ is Lord over all. All things belong to him. Everything matters to him. He makes sense of life and all of life should be lived for him. At Christ College, you will engage in study that moves your heart, nourishes your soul, challenges your mind and transforms your character as you learn to live for him in all of life, and equip others to do likewise.



Christ College is committed to the Bible-based, Christ-centred theological vision laid out in the Westminster Confession of Faith. Because we are Reformed and Confessional, you will receive a coherent education from a consistent perspective that stirs the affections whilst being academically rigorous and theologically rich.



At Christ College we are committed to biblically-focused teaching and learning, as well as high standards in scholarship and research providing you with an education that stretches you academically and practically, and by the work of God’s Spirit, helps you grow to maturity in Christ. You will receive a robust academic education in the classic theological disciplines (Biblical, Systematic and Practical Theology) with the capacity to integrate them so that you can apply your knowledge and skills in the work in which God has called you.



Because Christ College is committed to God’s mission of redeeming his world through his church, you will receive an education that is fit for this purpose within the various contexts God may call you. We know that the richest teaching and learning experiences occur in community as it is applied to the realities of life and ministry. As such, we foster a collaborative approach to your education building upon the expertise and experience that you and your classmates bring as adult learners.



Christ College faculty members are highly qualified in their respective fields and have extensive ministry experience in the local church, global mission field, vocations and public square. Most importantly however, we understand that Christ College is more than just a place of learning. It is a community of believers living for Christ in all of life. As such, from administration to faculty, we are committed to loving and serving you in all of your life, study and ministry.



The Christ College library is one of the largest Reformed theological libraries in the Southern Hemisphere. With a growing collection of over 48,000 volumes, subscriptions to leading eJournals, and access to eBooks from the entire Australian College of Theology consortium, the library is a great resource to support your learning…if you can tear your gaze away from the stunning view of the city skyline!



Conveniently situated at Burwood in Sydney’s inner-west, Christ College is easily accessible by public transport, and close to some great eats. Grab a coffee on your 7-minute stroll to College from Burwood Railway Station, and enjoy a meal with your classmates at one of the many yummy restaurants down the street!